Formatting of bachelor thesis and proofreading of bachelor thesis

Need help with formatting and styling your work? Do you want to make an impression on the commission not only by content, but also by its excellent form? Whether you are working on a bachelor, diploma or graduate thesis, we will be happy to help you save your time and nerves. Our experienced, conscientious proofreaders will be able to correct your work precisely, quickly and at an excellent price, so that it fully meets the strictest criteria.

Have you spent long weeks writing your bachelor’s or master’s thesis, you have made the best of yourself and now you simply do not have the energy to process those dozens of pages according to your school’s methodology? Do you have deadlines and you can’t work with Word professionally?

The form of work is your business card. Whether you have gaps in grammar, stylistics, you can’t create perfect headlines, generate content or process quotes by standard, we’ll help you to get your job to read and make a very good impression on everyone who gets it.

Let us format your bachelor, diploma or final thesis to us! We will also be pleased to provide you with proofreading. We are also ready to translate the abstract or annotation of your work.

Benefits for college students, senior students, high school students:

  • Possibility to choose from a comprehensive service portfolio.
  • Delivery to any place in the US.
  • Optional processing speed (75m, 24h, 48h, 7days).
  • Sending the work electronically (e-mail, form).
  • Flexibility (processing according to methodology or specific client instructions).
  • Feedback (continuous consultation of found errors).
  • Online Support.

We process:

  • Bachelor Thesis
  • dissertation
  • graduate work
  • final thesis
  • coursework
  • seminar work
  • progressive work
  • graduation work
  • scripts
  • books and brochures
  • advert materials

Formatting of bachelor’s and master’s theses

Do you need to format your bachelor, master or graduate thesis? Do you want to adjust the document styles, page numbering and headings appropriately, correct the quotations according to the standard? Stay focused on the content of your work and leave it to us!

What does formatting correction include?

  • adaptation of introductory letters in accordance with the methodological instructions of the school
  • margin settings
  • Create dynamically generated content based on the headings used
  • page numbering from the specified page
  • complete styling of headings, text of work, bullets and numbered lists, including indentation
  • correction of prepositions at the end of lines
  • set correct spacing before and after paragraphs, headings, images, and tables
  • adjusting citations and footnotes
  • generate a list of images, tables, graphs, or formulas.

Linguistic and stylistic proofreading

Do you actually have your bachelor or diploma thesis already finished, but writing long styling has never been your hobby? Are you not absolutely sure of grammar, do you want to look for typos wrongly, correct punctuation and stylistic clumsiness for the long and long hours? Are you reading your work for the 10th time, making changes on an ongoing basis and still knowing that it is simply “not it”? Leave the linguistic and stylistic proofreading of your work to us.

What does proofreading include?

  • complete grammar correction including punctuation
  • correction of typos
  • modification of sentence units (correction of sentence structure, word order)
  • replacing unsuitable and repetitive synonyms (correction of used vocabulary).

The most frequently corrected errors are, in addition to the enumerated words and misspellings, eg improperly used prepositions, errors in compliance with the subject, commas, or stylistically improper expression.

The content of the work is not part of the language proofreading, but we will correct it so that it is clearer, more comprehensible and fully formal.

Translation of abstract / annotation / summary

Each final thesis includes an annotation, abstract or summary, which must be translated into English or another language according to the school regulations. Keywords are also included.

The student is always responsible for the correctness and quality of the translation according to the school regulations. Don’t look for the correct translation of technical terms and leave it to us.

Our language specialists are holders of language certificates, state exams and court translator stamps and have years of experience translating abstracts, texts, manuals and books.

Printing and binding

Your bachelor, diploma, progress, final or seminar work will be quickly printed, bundled, burned to CD and delivered to any place in the US within 24 hours!

Individual services

Do you have a job formatted, but do you not know the page numbering, automatic content, image list and spreadsheets, or do you need to edit the citation list according to the standard? Take advantage of our individual services.

Edit citation list

Correct quotation and citation list according to ISO 690 or APA is one of the main criteria of the final thesis evaluation. We will be happy to adjust the list of citations containing monographs, periodicals, online resources, interviews and more…

Page numbering according to school regulations

Page numbering is determined by the methodology. Mostly, the first numbered page is “Content” or “Introduction”, but the previous pages count. Furthermore, attachments (mostly Roman numerals) are numbered differently or they are not numbered at all. We set the numbering at unbeatable prices.

Create automatic content

To create automatic content, you need to customize individual headings in the document. The content should display a maximum of 3 headline levels. The individual headings are numbered. Automatically generated content can be easily updated. To edit a job, just right-click on the content.

Create an automated list of graphs, images, and tables

There are often many graphs, pictures, tables and attachments. The list of these objects should also be included. Due to the total amount of adjustments it is very difficult to create them manually. In addition, it is always necessary to check the correctness of page numbers in the list. With an automatically generated list, you can simply update everything with one click.

Checking plagiarism

Do you want to be sure that your work will comply with the plagiarism regulations? Not sure if you have forgotten a quote? We are happy to let you have your work checked in one of the largest databases of theses. This database is used by most universities and colleges in the US.